In a play the aria represents the moment in which the music takes over the action and the dialog. In “Aria”, neutral colors and symmetry suggest a feeling of lightness, the same sensation felt when listening to a moving musical composition.

Other details

B&B Leitmotiv has been completely renovated maintaining all the characteristics typical of the local architectural tradition of the end of the 19th century.

All the rooms offer stunning vaulted ceilings, double bed, tv, minibar and air-conditioning together with a private balcony. Equipped with table and chairs, the balcony offers the ideal place to sip a coffee or read one of the books from the in-house collection. B&B Leitmotiv has been inspired by the theatre. Its tradition has given name to the rooms.

  Private bathroom


  Linea cortesia bagno

  Bath line

  Free Wi-Fi


  Conditioned air


  Private balcony

  Computer and copy machine

  Transfer airport/B&B (on request)

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A marriage of craftsmanship, found objects, lights and neutral colors. “Sinfonia” presents a lovely harmony of sensations to guests passing through.

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“Opera” captures the material elements that comprise the theater. The sculptural quality of the setting par excellence for performances of all artistic forms is recalled and evoked by the decor of the room.

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